These medals and diplomas are the gift of the FAI. Nomination for each award is made by Council on the recommendation of the Awards Committee. Those specifically for Aeromodelling are then voted on by the Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM) at its Plenary meeting the following April. After approval by Council, the Chairman of the Awards Committee will submit the nomination to the Tech Council meeting in October for the FAI Delegate to include it in the BMFA’s CIAM Plenary Agenda proposals.

For Aeromodelling:

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal
Awarded to an individual for outstanding merit in organisational activities.

Who shall have fulfilled either:

  • Twice the function of competition director or a similar function in a World or Continental Championship, or
  • Three times the function of an FAI jury member at a World or Continental Championship, or
  • Five times the function of judge or a similar function at a World or Continental Championship or
  • Served at least three years as delegate to the FAI Aeromodelling Commission, or
  • served another function therein, or
  • Shown outstanding merit in developing Aeromodelling by organisational activities.

The Andrei Tupolev Medal
May be awarded to a model flyer who in the same year wins the World and National Championships in the same class of models.

The Andrei Tupolev Diploma
May be awarded to a model flyer for an outstanding world record performance in model flying.

The Antonov Aeromodelling Diploma
May be awarded annually to an aeromodeller for technical innovations in Aeromodelling.

The Alphonse Penaud Diploma
May be awarded to a model flyer who has:

  • Obtained three times consecutively the title of National Champion, or
  • Obtained at least once the title of World Champion, or
  • Established at least three World records, or
  • Shown other outstanding sporting achievements.

Frank Ehling Diploma
May be awarded annually for outstanding accomplishment, by an organisation or an individual, in connection with the promotion of aviation, through the use of flying models.

The CIAM Aeromodelling Scholarship
Awarded annually by CIAM to a young person between the ages of 16 and 21 years of age.

For all air sports:

FAI Airsports Medals
May be awarded for work in FAI Commissions and Committees, for organising World and Continental Championships, for training and education of new pilots, parachutists or aeromodellers, for promoting aviation in general, and especially with young people. These are not awarded, they are bought and cost 100 CHF, of which the nominee shall bear the cost.

The FAI Bronze Medal
Is awarded to a person having rendered eminent services to the FAI in administrative work, in Commissions or Committees, or in the organisation of the FAI sporting events. This award is the gift of the Secretary General of the FAI.

The Nile Gold Medal
Is awarded to a person, group of persons, or organisation to reward distinguished work in the field of aerosport education, particularly in the year preceding its award.

The Paul Tissandier Diploma
Is awarded to those who have served the cause of aviation in general, and sporting aviation in particular by their work, initiative, and devotion, or in other ways.